Pool Rules

We want you to enjoy the pool during your stay but ask that you ensure it is ready for our next guest to enjoy.

  1. We advertised pool area as a common facility. Though, it is classified as a shared pool, it will be only for the use of house 83 (Maple Villa) and 85 (Sky House and Tiny House). So it is more or like a private pool. No timing allocated. You could use as and when you would like to use like as a pool in a standard hotel. 
  2. Children must be supervised at all the time. We consider adult supervision as a person over 18years of age, must stay with your kids inside the pool fence for their own safety. 
  3. Legs must be free from sand and dirt. Kids are not allowed to go straight from playground to pool without washing their legs.
  4. Shouldn’t lean against the fences.
  5.  Shouldn’t drop any objects to other properties. You will be responsible for any damage to neighboring properties and people.
  6.  No stepping to garden beds or climbing trees in pool area
  7. No food, drinks, glass or furniture in pool area. Other than the poolside furniture already in that area.
  8. No pets in pool area. We do not allow pets in any of our accommodations.
  9. No running on pool deck, No diving and bombing
  10. Pool gate to remain closed at all times