Do you want a beach house in paradise? Why wait? You could own and operate – individually – this luxurious holiday villas resort, designed with six four-bedroom private villas, five single bedroom units and common facilities including restaurant, communal swimming pool and a small shopping area for your daily needs.

It offers a great return for investors, as well as a brilliant retirement plan, with advantages, for people over the age of 60!

The four-bedroom houses are available for investors to invest in. These houses had been designed    with open plan living and kitchen to suit modern European lifestyle. We have adopted most demanding coastal colour schemes and landscape features while securing expensive ocean views that anyone could enjoy. Suitable for all age groups, whether as long term permanent, or short-term holiday accommodation! You could move with the family, or utilise it for holiday accommodation to guarantee a more-than-comfortable income. Not to mention that surfing, boating, biking, scooter riding, fishing, and much more are constantly on offer to keep the family or guests entertained.

This is an opportunity to purchase a villa in Sri Lanka from an Australian developer. We will secure your investment and assure your full satisfaction.

Three flexible purchase plans to suit your requirement:

# Pay a deposit and reserve your plot and build on BOT basis to your colour and design choices*

# Pay upfront and let us to complete the building for you

# Build on cost plus basis

This development is intended to operate as a holiday resort, therefore all developments to follow similar architectural features and colour schemes externally. *

These Villas will be sold on long-term lease basis and lease period 30 years or life time if you are over 60 years old. You don’t have to pay for the land to build your dream house or to use our common facilities. You could build with your own funds, operate it during the lease period and enjoy it’s return and transfer the ownership back to us at the end or renegotiate with us if you would like to be a shareholder in our investment.   

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